How are Mo’s jewellery made?
Mo has developed a unique process of embedding materials such as Dutch Gold and Silver leaf accompanied by artistic designs into epoxy resin. As each item is hand-crafted, it is unique; differences between two similar pieces cannot be considered as faults. Every piece of jewellery is unique, each piece is signed by MO, made by Mo in his workshop in the Moss Vale where you are welcome to visit by appointment!

How can only a small team offer such a choice?

Mo Resin is and will always remain a small business, with an ethically approach to production whereby quality outweighs quantity. For these reasons Mo keeps only limited stock available and produces to order. Therefore generally the customer experiences a 2 weeks production period for orders.

They look like glass, are they fragile as well?

Mo’s jewellery is made from epoxy resin which has strength in flexibility and therefore can be worn in the everyday life with no fear of breaking them or damage. They are very comfortable to wear also because they are so light.

Do you have sizes for the cuffs and the chokers?

Our cuffs and chokers all come with the instructions to make them to the perfect size and shape. It takes less than one minute for anyone to adjust the pieces so they are very comfortable. While Mo understands the importance of form and beauty he insists that it should not be at the expense of comfort and pleasure. While the cuffs may be adjusted countless time to your desire and comfortability the chokers come in 2 sizes (S/M and M/L) to ensure everyone can enjoy them. If you need us to help you here, please contact us:

In what material are your rings and earrings made?

The rings are all cast with a 316 stainless steel adjustable base, which is extremely strong and resistant to tarnish over time. However Mo can also cast them with Sterling silver platinum plated adjustable bases at the customer’s request. The hoops and studs are in stainless steel. The earrings are on sterling silver platinum plated hooks.

Do Mo’s jewellery come in boxes?

All Mo’s jewellery is delivered in a black gift box and with leaflets explaining the process and telling the story of the artist/painting is also included. While the cuffs and chokers come with the explanations for the customer to make adjustments easily.

What material and size are your pendant chains?

Our pendant chains are in stainless steel, therefore they will remain intact. The pendants are on a 40, 45 or 55 cm length snake chain, dia 1mm.

Do you have Clip-ons Earrings?

YES! Almost all our earrings can be made on clip-ons. Please, don't be shy, ask us!